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Too Many Eggs

Hi everyone! For this blog post I’m going to be linking to an app I just released on the app store. The name of the app is… you guessed it.. Too Many Eggs.

I got the idea for this app while watching a youtube video of an old NES game with similar gameplay. I thought it looked like a fair amount of fun and decided I was going to build an app like it. I also set another challenge for myself… I would have to finish the app in THREE DAYS!!. So I got straight to work coding the thing, and I ended up using A LOT of code I had already written for other projects I have worked on in the past. The functionality of the game was mostly done on the first day, but it was the graphics that I was really worried about.¬†You see, I like many other programmers, am a terrible artist. As a way of getting around this, I decided to have as much of the graphics as i could drawn in code and everything else I whipped up in photoshop. The end result turned out quite acceptable.

I have posted the info for the app below: (by the way.. I met the three day deadline =] )

Too Many Eggs


Get it on the App Store

What are you waiting for! Download it and let me know what you think!