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iPod Touch 4 White Screen of Death Fix


Hey everyone!!! It’s been a little while since I’ve written here but I’m back! For this post I want to talk about a problem I ran into this week working on an iPod Touch 4th gen. I was replacing the LCD on an iPod touch 4th gen. when i ran into the dreaded “White Screen of Death” (pictured below).

white screen of death !!!!

The problem goes like this.. I’m replacing the cracked LCD on the iPod, then when I connect the new LCD and try to test it, the screen is just completely white.

Naturally I panicked! I looked all over google trying to find a solution. Most people were able to solve their problem by a simple hard reset, holding the lock and power button for 10 or so seconds, but it wasn’t working for me.

When I had just about given up, I ended up finding a video on youtube that displayed the exact same problem as me. The video explained that this could be caused by a small, and I mean SMALL!!!!, resistor near the LCD ribbon cable connector.

Apparently the resistor was knocked off at some point during the repair and now I was going to need to create a jumper across the two pads that the resistor used to reside on.

Here is a link to the video btw:

Of course the video is great and all for pointing out the problem, but I noticed that a lot of people were confused about where to drop the dab of solder. Soooo… I felt compelled to post this article as a public service to anyone else who found themselves stuck with this problem.

iPod touch 4 motherboard

Above we have a photo of the iPod touch 4 motherboard zoomed in at the area where the lcd plugs into the board. (this is a spare parts board i had laying around)

In the photo below I have painted in the traces that lead to and from the resistor that was knocked off. The two red dots on the left hand side of the photo are the pads that the resistor was once soldered between.


In the next picture below, I have added yellow lines representing two ways of fixing the problem.


You could either drop a dab of solder between the two red dots on the left, and that would be enough, or you could use a piece of wire to connect the red dot in the upper right to either P2 or P4, and that would also solve the problem.

I decided to go with the first method and just drop a dab of solder between the two pads on the left, but this may not be the best option for everyone as these two pads are SUPER SMALL!! and it requires a lot of patience and skill to do. Heck, even putting the wire between the right dot and P2 or 4 is hard!!! But if you’re good with a soldering iron and have a lot of time to waste, then you could get this problem knocked out without growing too many white hairs.

Below is a photo of the dab of solder dropped into place as well as another photo showing the actual iPod i repaired with the missing resistor.



Well, thats all folks!! Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I hope it helps a lot of you out there!
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